Rejoice, Don’t Resolve!

The year is winding to a close and it seems like everyone is making lists. Lists of the things they loved this year, lists of the things they hated this year. And most of all, everyone is making lists of resolutions. And it seems that every year, most of those lists end up tossed aside, gathering dust. Then new lists are made at the end of the year and it all starts again!

So here’s an idea: What if you just...don’t make New Year’s resolutions this year? It’s way too common to list a bunch of impossible things that you know, deep down, are too much to ask of yourself. “This year, I will lose 25 pounds, find the person of my dreams, get discovered in Hollywood, climb Mount Everest, and run 2 marathons!” How could ANYONE accomplish a huge list like that? Don’t set yourself up to feel like a failure at the end of the year.

People love to talk about what’s wrong with them, what needs changing. I want to suggest that we flip that script, that we focus on all the amazing things we did in the past year. But Grace, I hear you saying, I didn’t DO anything amazing this past year. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not a fair thing to say. You did great in 2018, even if you can’t see it.

Not every accomplishment has to be huge to be celebrated. Were you on time to work and appointments more often than not? Did you make some great memories with family and friends? Did you do some fun things just for yourself? Did you enjoy some delicious meals? And did you take care of yourself and your loved ones? These are all things that you can put on your list! I bet that if you think back over what you’ve done in the previous year, you can think of a lot of small accomplishments that add up to a lot of joy and satisfaction.

You wouldn’t let your friends obsess over the little things they didn’t get done in the past year, so you can, and should, give yourself that same love and courtesy. Even if you feel like all you did this past year was work and pay bills and eat, that’s something to celebrate too! Life is tough, and sometimes it seems like all you can do is hang on. We don’t admit that to each other enough—everyone is fighting battles that nobody else knows about. So be gentle with yourself and celebrate the spirit that keeps you going and keeps you out there, taking care of business every day.

Let’s scrap the resolution list this year and make a rejoicing list instead. I think that’ll make the end of the year a little merrier for everyone!

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash