When It Feels Like No One’s Noticing You

This time of year, we’re all feeling a little run down. And sometimes you just want someone to notice, to care, to ask how you’re doing. I get it. I feel that way too sometimes! It’s easy to feel discouraged when it seems like nobody notices all of the hard work you do every day. The whirl and pressure of the holidays can really bring those feelings out in a big way. But here’s the good news: you are seen. And you are loved.

These days, this world can seem pretty dark. But here’s something very important I want you to know: every time we do something good, no matter how small, it makes a little spark of light. It fixes some broken part of the world and makes it shine again. If we all remember this, if we all make one tiny spark at a time, each in our own way, the light we create will shine forth and bring us all joy.

We often tend to downplay the importance of what we do. How often have you heard someone say “Oh, I don’t do anything really important, I just—” and then follow it with something like “I teach first grade,” “I work at a call center,” “I stay at home with my kids.” How many times have we said that about our own jobs, our own deeds? Each of those paths is terribly important. None of those paths is better or more valuable than the others. Each of them can bring more knowledge, relief, comfort, or joy into this world. Sometimes we don’t even realize the lives we touch each day, the light we bring just by giving someone a smile or a kind word.

I hope it helps you to hear that you are important. You matter, and the things you do matter. A friend of mine tells the story of a quote someone wrote in her high-school yearbook: “If you do something beautiful and nobody notices, don’t worry. When the sun comes up, half the world is asleep.” That really made me think! I’ve remembered this quote ever since and I try to live it out every day in my life.

You are doing great things, right now, just where you are, even though you may not feel like you are. Nobody you know has to see the good things you do in order for those good things to bring value. But there is someone who always notices and values and loves you. I believe God is ever-present in our lives. He sees your good deeds, and He knows your heart.

But if you’re not comfortable with that idea (and I understand that not everyone might be), perhaps it helps to think of a friend who’s glad to walk with you in good times and bad. Hello, friend. You are working so hard and you are doing so well. I believe in you. I see you and I notice you and I know how important you are. Now go out there and shine your light.

Photo by Gokil on Unsplash