Opening My Home, Sharing My Life (Part 2)

Although my home is small, I think it’s exceptionally cute and comfortable. I see my little yellow house as a beach cottage— just without the beach! It has an elegant simplicity about it. When I walk into my home, I feel a sense of love. Many of my guests say my home is very peaceful and that they feel my spirit there. It seems to me that they must feel the love, joy and peace that surrounds my home.

The front porch is a perfect spot to enjoy my morning coffee. My backyard is a little paradise with a waterfall and lots of tree coverage; it’s a wonderful place to enjoy a glass of wine or some private meditation. My renovated kitchen is perfect for trying new recipes or dancing to salsa music with friends and family, and I always keep it clean and well-stocked for my guests.

I see my guests as friends rather than strangers. and I believe this is why people book my house months—or even years—in advance. I’ve had several repeat visitors and have received many beautiful notes from guests saying how much they enjoyed their experience. Guests like to say that my little cottage is their “home away from home.”

You might be surprised to hear that my neighbors have been very supportive of my Airbnb venture. They often compliment my guests, who are usually very friendly and respectful of our community. Some of my neighbors have even booked my home themselves to host their own family and friends. I love being able to help them keep their visiting loved ones close by!

If you’re interested in listing with Airbnb yourself, it’s a great idea to do a little something extra for your guests. I prepare welcome packages for my guests that include the names of local restaurants, coffee shops, and nearby points of interest for sightseeing. I also sometimes include a bottle of wine for my guests.  

Here are a few more recommendations if you want to become an Airbnb host:

  • Increase your home insurance policy.

  • Store your valuables in a secure location.

  • Maximize the unique attraction of your home. I’m near several colleges, which helps make my home a popular choice for my guests.

  • Respond quickly to your guests’ inquiries.

  • Include some nice amenities like high quality shampoos and conditioners, a blow dryer, etc. I like to set out designer towels for an extra luxurious touch.

Even after hosting almost 200 guests through Airbnb, I still enjoy sharing my home with others. In fact, sharing my home has only deepened my love for it. It’s fun to host people from all around the world: I’ve hosted guests from Brazil, Australia, China, India, Switzerland, and Israel. I like to think that hosting so many people has enriched my life as much as it has the lives of my guests.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash