Spring Cleaning

Whoever first invented spring cleaning must have been really tired of winter. We don’t get much winter weather here in Southern California. But once the days get longer and brighter, I start thinking about how I can improve my space. Although I live pretty simply now, it took me a long time to figure out how to keep only the few things that bring me joy.

Chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff around the house that you don’t really need or use, but that’s still in pretty good shape. Spring is as good a time as any to clear it all away, organize your home, and maybe make a few dollars to boot. You don’t have to do everything all at once; focus on one area at a time.  Breaking up the tasks into smaller chunks will help you to manage the job so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

More importantly, helping to arrange and organize your personal space can help you to feel refreshed and renewed. I always feel relief when I’ve finally decided to let go of something I’ve been keeping around that I don’t need any more. Whether it’s a skirt that I bought and never wore, or a set of mystery books that have been gathering dust since I read them last year, passing them on to someone else can be very freeing.

When we have a lot of clutter in our house—or in our mind—that can make it difficult to focus. Holding on to old clothes and shoes can keep us from enjoying our home and really knowing what we have to wear. In much the same way, holding on to old thoughts and ideas can keep us from enjoying our days and really knowing what we can do.  

So while I put my personal space in order, I like to work on putting my internal space in order as well. Thinking about what I’m grateful for and what’s important to me helps me to feel happier and more grounded. And that helps me to be more intentional about what I put in my closet—as well as what thoughts I put in my mind.

What are some things that you can let go of this spring? Are there old hurts and worries that you’re keeping close to your heart? As you look around your home this spring and think about how much you actually need, look inside too, and see what you can let go of this year.

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash